Amr Al-Hadidi: Al-Ahly makes the history of coaches.. Al-Ahmar will be crowned Super Cup champion

Amr Al-Hadidi confirmed that Al-Ahly is striving with all force to win championships, and is looking forward to crowning all the competitions in which it participates.. stressing that the club’s officials and players do not feel “satiated” with winning championships, which is the club’s method and approach for many years.

Al-Hadidi, the former Al-Ahly club star, said in statements on the Box to Box program: “Al-Ahly is the one who makes the history of the coaches, and just as Manuel Jose made, Marcel Koller will make the coach of the team, and there are players who won championships with the team, the last of which was Marawan Attia and Qandousi, who joined the team in January. “.

He added: “Al-Ahly respects all its competitors, and the tournament is from one match, and Koller is preparing realistically, to the extent that he has been training for penalty kicks two days ago, and he talked about studying the strengths and weaknesses of his competitors, and he plays according to the capabilities of his players, in midfield and defense and their ability to score goals, as well as Kahraba, who recently starred in the attack.

And he continued: “Kohler also relies on the distinguished players on the sides, such as Percy Tau and Hussein Al-Shahat, as well as the capabilities of midfielders such as Hamdi Fathy.”

And with his question: How will Al-Ahly face its counterpart, Pyramids, which includes distinguished players? Al-Hadidi said: “Ramadan Sobhi will play on the side of Muhammad Hani, and the latter is performing at a good level, and Ali Maaloul with Ahmed Abdel-Qader are performing well and will face Mustafa Fathi on the left side of Al-Ahly, so Kohler will work to stop the start of the two Pyramids wings in this match.”

And he added: “Al-Ahly respects the capabilities of Pyramids and fully knows the capabilities of Al-Ahly players, and I expect 90% of the formation of Al-Ahly to play Muhammad Al-Shennawy, Ali Maaloul, Khaled Abdel-Fattah, Muhammad Abdel-Moneim, Muhammad Hani, Marwan Attia, Hamdi Fathi, Percy Tau, Ahmed Abdel-Qader, Hussein Al-Shahat, and Muhammad Sharif. “.

And he continued: “Kohler will rely on the 4-1-4-1 method, from my point of view, and Al-Ahly plays rationally in performance, and the team players are in a state of intense focus, even before traveling.”

He concluded: “My expectations are that Al-Ahly will beat Pyramids with two clean goals and be crowned super champion, and the absence of Abdullah Al-Saeed completely affects the heavenly team, and Kahraba is a good striker who takes advantage of fair opportunities, and is confident in the capabilities of Sharif, Abdel-Qader and Al-Shahat in order to be able to score in this match.”

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