America, Mexico, and Canada are cooperating to thwart “illegal plans” on the occasion of the 2026 World Cup


The US Department of Justice said on Friday that the United States, Mexico and Canada are coordinating together to deal with any “illegal schemes” related to goods or services related to the 2026 FIFA World Cup in an attempt to avoid exploitation of the major sporting event.

The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be hosted jointly by the three countries (America, Canada, and Mexico), and the matches are scheduled to be held in 11 cities in the United States, 3 cities in Mexico, and two cities in Canada.

According to the initiative, the law enforcement agencies of the three countries will cooperate in communicating with the public and the business community to prevent anti-competitive behavior, as well as in investigations, using intelligence sharing and existing international cooperation tools.

“This historic event will bring billions of dollars in economic activity to cities across the United States, Mexico and Canada,” said Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter of the US Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division. “The department will be vigilant in detecting any behavior by any companies or individuals exploiting the economic opportunities provided by the matches.”

“Strong cooperation between law enforcement and partner organizations is key to ensuring illegal conduct is investigated and appropriate action is taken,” said Commissioner Matthew Boswell of the Canadian Competition Bureau.

“The Competition Bureau will do everything in its power to pursue those who seek to profit unfairly from the World Cup,” he added.

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