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That tradition that began in 1970 continues to dominate the world of tennisthat is why the ATP World Tour Finals It is an attraction to see the eight best tennis players of the season in action. From November 12 to 19, 2023, in Turin, Italythe tournament will take place and in this note you will be able to consult all the results at the moment, the classification and the following matches.

The competition is played under hard surface and indoor court at the Pala Alpitour in Turin. The eight classifieds have already been distributed two groups of four each. And the game format is that they face each other in their respective areas and The first two advance to the semifinals.

With what Novak Djokovic win at least one match in the group stage already will be sure to finish the year 2023 as No. 1 in the ATP rankinghence Carlos Alcaraz He will not be able to achieve the objective even if he ends up as undefeated champion. It should be noted that each zone victory grants 200 points for the ranking; the victory in the semifinals gives 400; and the final, 500. So If the champion wins all his matches, he can get 1,500 points.

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