Alianza Lima’s unusual explanation about the blackout in Matute to avoid the celebration of Universitario

Héctor Ordóñez referred to the blackout that occurred at the end of the duel between Alianza Lima and Universitario at the Alejandro Villanueva stadium (ESPN Peru)

University of Sports victory 2-0 a Lima Alliance and became champion of the Liga 1 2023. One of the striking facts left by the duel was when the lights of the Alejandro Villanueva stadium went out when referee Edwin Ordóñez whistled the end of the game.

In this situation, Hector Ordonezdelegate of the La Victoria institution, declared before the press and gave the reasons why the blackout occurred after the triumph of the cast ‘crema. He mentioned that the decision was not made by the ‘intimate’ cadre, but by the relevant authorities.

“We are going to wait for the minutes and then it will be say exactly the reason why the light ended up being turned off. “We are going to wait for the minutes, but you are going to find out the reality and you are going to understand what was the reason or the decision that the authorities made regarding this issue,” said the and white’.

In addition, Ordóñez He stated that there was prior coordination with the relevant organizations: “Yes, that’s why I tell you. Then, tomorrow (Thursday, November 9), when the minutes arrive, the club makes a statement. Those decisions are not ours to make. to make decisions not to award awards and to turn off the lights.”

After the final whistle, the club turned off the lights in its stadium to avoid the Universitario celebration. (Video: League 1 Max)

It is not a decision of the institution, obviously. The club minutes will explain what the authorities coordinate and agree upon. It is not a decision of the institution to say there is no award or there is an award; there is no Olympic return or there is an Olympic return; There are lights or there are no lights,” he assured.

Besides, Ordóñez was asked if there would be a sanction against the teamblue and white‘ by the championship organization due to the blackout: ”No. It is the authorities who determine the steps that institutions have to follow.

Finally, “Obviously, that’s what I’m saying. Let’s wait for the statement. Sean prepared minutes in the Public Ministry, they did about sports safety. The club already details it accordingly. With that I reiterate, it is not a decision of the institution to say there is an award or there is no award, there is an Olympic return or there is no Olympic return, there is light or there is no light.”

Alianza Lima vs Universitario: match for the final League 1 2023
Alianza Lima vs Universitario: match for the final League 1 2023

The cast ‘student‘ vention to Lima Alliance and managed to be the new monarch of Peruvian football. Those led by the coach Jorge Fossati They won by a score of 2-0 at the sports venue popularly known as Matute. In this way, they achieved the 27th title in their history.

The first leg was 1-1 at the Monumental de Ate stadium. The goals were from Alex Valera penalty at 62 minutes, while Gabriel Costa He scored the tie shortly after the game ended. That score left the series open for the second game.

The first goal was Edison Flores shortly after the duel begins. He ‘Ears‘took advantage of a center Andy Polo to connect the ball with a header and open the scoring. The occasions for ‘UThey continued during the first half, but could not take advantage of them to increase the advantage and secure the victory.

The strategist Mauricio Larriera He made changes for the second half with the goal of turning around the result. The income of Bryan Reyna y Gabriel Costa They improved the game of the ‘intimates’, but it was not enough to complicate the goalkeeper Jose Carvallo. The modifications in the whole ‘crema‘ They allowed him to control his rival’s attacks and generate counterattacks. It is so Horacio Calcaterra He scored a long-distance goal to secure the victory for Ate’s team.

Universitario defeated Alianza Lima 2-0 and became champion of League 1 2023

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