Al-Sayari.. his eyes are on the window of the Jandal

Al-Qadisiyah striker Muhammad Al-Sayari seeks to continue scoring the net, after he succeeded in scoring the winning goal for his team in the Al-Adalah match, which ended in favor of Al-Qadisiyah 2/1, in the first round of the Yellow League, as the Al-Qudsawi team will play its second match today against Al-Jandal at Al-Urouba Club stadium in Al-Jouf. in the First Division.

Al-Saiyari had joined Al-Qadisiyah during the current summer transfer period, with a two-season contract from Al-Ittihad Club. The Al-Qadisiyah team is considered the seventh professional station for the player, who started his football career from the Sunni groups at Al-Ittihad Club, then moved to the clubs “Hajar, Al-Itifaq, Al-Ta’awon, Al-Hazm, Al-Faisali, and Al-Qadisiyah.”

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