Al-Roudhan: Technology has become an enabler for individuals and societies, and its impact is evident on all business sectors

  • Al-Husseini: Institutions must have a specialized team to keep up with technology requirements
  • Razouqi: Technology has provided the opportunity for “Kuwait Airways” to reach customers

Atef Ramadan

On the second day of the activities of the Arab Media Forum in its 18th session, which was held under the auspices of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the sessions of the forum were held. Maen Razzouqi, CEO of Zain Kuwait, Iman Al-Roudhan, and General Manager of the Information Technology Authority in Kuwait, Dr. Ammar Al-Husseini, and the session was moderated by Musa Al-Farai from Amman.

Iman Al-Roudhan, CEO of Zain Kuwait, said that there is a close relationship between technology and the development of societies, noting that technology has become an enabling element for individuals and societies and has accelerated the pace of work, the ability to learn and access to the Internet.

Al-Roudhan added that technology has become important and many plans of media institutions are based on it, and its impact is clear on all business sectors.

For his part, the Director General of the Information Technology Authority, Dr. Ammar Al-Husseini that technology is a tool used by society and affects the development of societies, as evidenced by the digital transformation in the field of media. He added that there are challenges, for example, that the institution must have a specialized team to keep pace with the requirements of technology, in addition to the extent of people’s willingness to change at the level of developing government services, explaining that the information technology agency plays this role in presenting modern technology. In turn, the CEO of Kuwait Airways, Maen Razzouqi, said that technology provided an opportunity for the company to reach the customer and sustainability, and that the fear of technology now must end, and that 300 million jobs in the world from now to the year 2030 will cease to exist, which necessitates the responsibility to compensate for these jobs and create New jobs keep pace with the change in technology.

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