Al-Rajhi: Exemption of special economic zones in Saudi Arabia from Saudization requirements

The Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, announced that one of the incentives offered by the special economic zones in Saudi Arabia is exemption from Saudization requirements.

Al-Rajhi said, during a session within the Investment Forum in Special Economic Zones in Saudi Arabia, that the nature of the special economic zones announced today is to attract international companies in some industries in their early stages, and they want to move to the Kingdom.

He added that this is why we have designed incentives through customized packages, after a very careful study of global and regional standards to ensure that these incentives are competitive and flexible in the eyes of global investors.

And he continued: “I would like to announce today that one of these incentives, which is very important and perhaps for investors, is the exemption from Saudization requirements, and therefore the special economic zones will not be subject to the rules of Saudization compared to the basic economy.”

However, he added, they will get incentives from the Human Resources Development Fund if they choose to hire Saudis and they will have the opportunity to benefit from the basic economy if they decide to do so as well.

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