Al-Mash’ar Al-Haram Mosque

The Grand Mosque maintains its religious place in Islamic history. which is embraced by Muzdalifah; He receives the guests of the Most Merciful, after God has bestowed favor on them, by standing on the pure level of Arafat, amidst the integrated services of the state agencies concerned with serving the pilgrims, and it is about him that the Lord Almighty said: If you descend from Arafat, remember God at the Sacred Mash’ar.

The mosque is located in the middle of the distance between the Nimra Mosque in Arafat and the Al-Khaif Mosque in Mina.

At the beginning of the third century AH, it was square in shape, small in area, simple in construction, and was not roofed. It was expanded during the Saudi era, and its length from east to west became 90 meters, and its width was 56 meters, and it now accommodates more than 12 thousand worshipers, and it has two beacons 32 meters high, and entrances in the northern, southern and eastern sides.

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