Al-Khatib: The opening of the new Al-Ahly branch is a historic day.. We thank the state institutions

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, said that the opening of the New Cairo branch is a historic day by all standards, and it will remain engraved in the memory of every fan and lover of the club, when future generations remember the national origins of Al-Ahly in 1907, which began on a land area of ​​approximately four acres, and today is June 1, 2023. The fourth branch is opened on an area of ​​50 acres wholly owned by the club, and it is the right of every Ahlawy, whether he is a member, one of the fans, or a fan of the club from anywhere, to be proud of Al-Ahly and to belong to his family, which owns 4 headquarters and not branches, and thanks everyone who helped In the implementation of this project, and to all state institutions and leaders, foremost of which is President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.

He explained that the Ministry of Housing has a very important role after it allocated the land for the branch, and then agreed to replace it with another, more appropriate area, as well as the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Dr. Ashraf Sobhi for its role in this file, and that the club hopes that the ministry will establish the swimming pool that will be held in the stage The second is in the New Cairo branch, and that the club appreciates the many burdens on the ministry, and at the same time trusts its appreciation of Al-Ahly’s national message and its role in supporting the teams.

The President of Al-Ahly thanked, in particular, the leaders of the Armed Forces and the men of the Engineering Authority and the Military Works Department for their great efforts in implementing the project, which calls for great pride, and said that the recent period witnessed intense efforts around the clock to complete the construction operations in the best way possible.

The club president thanked all the previous boards of directors, pointing out that each council completes the march of the council that precedes it, in a golden chain that gives Al-Ahly distinction, referring to the role of the club’s symbols – may God have mercy on them – who preceded serving Al-Ahly and raising its status, and laid the foundations and rules in terms of Construction and construction of the various headquarters, championships, and communication of generations, so that Al-Ahly will continue to be the greatest club in the universe.

Al-Khatib singled out the fans and members of the club for saluting, stressing that they are always the support, the main supporter, the source of confidence and the great motivation towards more achievements, as well as the members of the Board of Directors for their efforts and cooperation in the interest of the club and placing it above all considerations, because the club is the owner of credit for everyone, in addition to the efforts of the executive management and departments different club.

The club president indicated that Al-Ahly is opening the fourth branch today, and is constantly developing its facilities in the rest of the branches and the main headquarters on the island, and is achieving sporting achievements at the level of the various teams, despite the economic crisis that the world is going through, which is a very positive matter that deserves thanks to God Almighty.

At the end of his speech, Al-Khatib renewed his salutations to all the club’s work system, and to everyone who played their role in reaching this stage and working over a long period in a very difficult atmosphere to achieve the great edifice, stressing that everyone dedicated their work during the opening ceremony despite the recent dust storm. He stressed that the New Cairo branch will not be the last, and that there will be work to be present in all governorates, and that Al-Ahly is a national social and political club with its actions and helps the state with actions.

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