Al Hilal snatches the ticket to qualify for the AFC Champions League final… video

Team achieved Hilal of Saudi Arabia An important victory over the Indian Mumbai City FC, with a score of 2-0, during the match that brought together the two teams on Monday evening, within the matches of the fourth round of the group stage of the AFC Champions League 2023-2024, to snatch the leader’s ticket to the round of 16 of the tournament.

Michel scored the first goal for Al Hilal in the 62nd minute, before Serbian star Aleksandar Mitrovic added the second goal in the 85th minute of the match.

The match witnessed the expulsion of Mumbai Indians player Mehtab Singh in the 54th minute.

Al Hilal’s formation against Mumbai City was as follows: Mohamed Al Owais – Saud Abdul Hamid – Coulibaly – Hassan Timbukti – Mohamed Al-Breik – Mohamed Kanou – Neves – Michael – Salem Al-Dosari – Malcolm – Mitrovic..

With this result, Al Hilal team qualifies for the round of 16 after topping the fourth group with 10 points, after drawing with Navpakor and winning over Nessaji and Mumbai in the previous three rounds, while Navpakor occupies runner-up with the same balance of points, so that the two teams qualify for the final round of 16.

On the other hand, Nsaji and Mumbai were officially invited to the tournament, after occupying third and fourth places with 3 points and 0, respectively.

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