Al-Hilal in “Japan” returns with “safety”

“Today is your day, hero.. We want you to return home and you are the first place.” History and the cuff lean towards the representative of the homeland, Al Hilal Club, during his matches in Japanese territory, as he previously played 3 final confrontations, the beginning of which was when he met his host Shimizu S-Pulse in the first leg of the Asian Super 2000, when it won 2-1, and the match was held at Nihondaira Stadium.

And in 2017, the sad year for the fans of Al-Azraq, it faced Urawa Club in the second leg of the AFC Champions League and lost at that time with a free goal at Saitama Stadium. There are those who think that Al-Hilal forgets revenge and does not recover it, even after a while. In 2019, the leaders’ stars wore the role of the Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan in his last series (Jaafar Al-Omda), and Urawa won the second leg of the Asian final with two free goals, to crown Al-Azraq with the title. In total, Al-Hilal’s matches against the Japanese teams were 10, winning five, drawing three times, and losing two matches.

Face them 10 times

On the other hand, the Japanese red had previously met Arab clubs in 10 confrontations; Five against Al-Hilal, and the rest were distributed against Al-Qadisiyah of Kuwait twice, the Tunisian coastal star, Al-Jazira of the Emirates, and Moroccan Wydad.

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