Al-Alimi affirms the state’s commitment to carrying out its responsibilities in restoring institutions and achieving economic stability

The head of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, reviewed the developments in the local situation and the steps taken to coordinate efforts and unify positions among the various political components opposed to the Houthis. Economic and financial, stressing the importance of the tasks undertaken by the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission in embodying national partnership, bringing views closer and enhancing confidence among all national components.

President Al-Alimi listened to a detailed explanation about the work carried out by the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission and its future vision, according to the declaration of the transfer of power, and the relevant references, to proceed with the achievement of comprehensive national reconciliation and create the appropriate conditions for implementing the entitlements of the transitional period, and mobilize all energies and capabilities of the various components in order to enhance state presence.

The Presidency of the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission affirmed its commitment to continue supporting the efforts of the Presidential Leadership Council to face all challenges, restore state institutions, and achieve peace, security, stability, and development in the country.

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