Al-Ahly is engaged in its group training, and Kohler focuses on the physical side

The club’s first football team concluded its training this evening, Wednesday, in one of the stadiums near the residence hotel, in Austria, which hosts the team’s preparation camp in preparation for the new season.

At the beginning of the training, Marcel Kohler, the coach of the team, was keen to hold a quick technical lecture with his players, to confirm many technical instructions, and explain some matters related to Al-Ahly’s preparations for the new season.

During the training session, the coaching staff focused on the physical aspect, under the supervision of load planner Andres Andoya, as Koller seeks to raise the fitness levels of all players during the current period.

The coach conducted a special section for the players, for ball training, and continued to focus on training all team members on powerful shots from outside the penalty area, in addition to another section dedicated to cross ball training.

The team’s goalkeepers underwent vigorous training, under the leadership of goalkeeper coach Michel Yancon.

Al-Ahly continues its daily preparations in the Austria camp, which will last until September 6, in preparation for the new season.

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