Al-Ahly announces the signing of the most important deals of the season

Al-Ahly announces the signing of the most important deals of the season

Islam Osama

Khaled Al-Awadi, director of sports activity at Al-Ahly club, announced the completion of the contract with Ali Zain to join the ranks of the men’s handball first team on loan, during the African Super Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup.

He explained that Zain signed the contracts to join the team, without having any conditions, and that he immediately welcomed participation with the “men of the hand” during the two tournaments as soon as the circumstances of his engagements allowed.

Ali Zain arrived in Cairo during the past hours, and played his first session under the leadership of Spanish coach David Davies, in preparation for participating with the team, as the club will host the two tournaments over the coming days.

Al-Khatib congratulates the “Women of Hand” in the league championship

For his part, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, was keen to congratulate the players of the first handball team and their technical, administrative and medical staff after winning the league, in addition to the cup championship that the team achieved a few days ago.

The club president praised the outstanding performance of the players, their high spirit, and insistence on winning and combining the two championships.

He said that this victory places greater responsibilities on the team in what is to come, whether at the local or continental level, and it is necessary to double the effort and strong readiness to maintain the lead and delight Al-Ahly fans, the common denominator in all tournaments and victories in all games.

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