Al-Ahli Bank wins the UAE’s Al-Jazira in the Arab Handball Championship

Al-Ahli Bank wins the UAE's Al-Jazira in the Arab Handball Championship

Match National Bank and Al Jazira UAE

The National Handball Bank team defeated its Emirati counterpart, Al-Jazira, 30-25, in the match that brought them together, today, Monday, within the framework of the fourth and final round in Group A of the Arab Handball Championship for Clubs in its 38th edition, which is currently being held in the city of Qatif, Saudi Arabia, until August 27. .

The first half ended with Al Jazira leading the UAE 12-11, and in the second half, the Al Ahli Bank team succeeded in turning the tables to end the match with a 30-25 victory.

The Al-Ahli Bank team had decided its qualification for the quarter-final round during the previous rounds, as it defeated Saudi Mudar with a score of 25-23 and the Iraqi Sports Crowd 33-29 and tied with Kuwait City 32-32.

With these results, the balance of Al-Ahly Bank rose to seven points at the top of the group, followed by Saudi Mudar with six points, then Kuwait Club with five points, the Iraqi crowd with two points, and finally Al-Jazira with zero points.

It is scheduled that Al-Ahly Bank will face in the quarter-final round the fourth of the second group, which includes Zamalek in the lead with six points, followed by Al-Huda Al-Saudi with the same balance, then Al-Arabi Al-Kuwaiti “played three matches” with four points, and Algeria’s Ain Touta Accord “played 3 matches” with a score. Two points, and finally the Yemeni torch with zero points.

A match will be held shortly after between Al-Arabi Al-Kuwaiti and ESFA Ain Touta, Algeria, in the last round of the group.

In the quarter-finals, Zamalek will face the “first of the second group” against the Iraqi crowd, “the fourth of the first group.”

It is worth noting that the champion of this competition will participate in the Super Globe Club World Cup, which will also be held in Saudi Arabia next November.

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