Aisha Al-Khayal receives the “Sharjah Educational Award” for the Distinguished Student category

The citizen student, Aisha Humaid Al-Khayal, who studies at Al-Manar Model School for Girls in the second cycle of the sixth grade, won the Sharjah Award for Educational Excellence in the “Outstanding Student” category for the 28th session. She presented an environmental project that enabled her to win the award. She also received many local and international awards and won many Competitions at the state level, and she also won the gold medal in the “Environmental Globe” project, whose activities were held in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Al-Khayal said that winning the first place in the “Distinguished Student” category represents a distinguished medal and honor for her, especially that it came amid intense competition among students and according to conditions of high standards of accuracy. At the highest positions, which enabled her to win this prestigious award, pointing out that she had previously qualified at the school level in the Arab Reading Challenge, and she is also a member of the Sharjah Children’s Shura Council.


Al-Khayal continued: The winner must continue the path of excellence and success, and not stop once he receives the award, and the distinction of the criteria and conditions of the award makes it an important destination for those looking for excellence and creativity, because it pushes those wishing to participate to see everything that is new, and motivates them to spread the culture of excellence. It is not self-closure, and its conditions necessitate every candidate documenting work and organizing files, which is the biggest advantage that the participant acquires, as he learns the ability to organize, document, and arrange ideas and files, and strive for innovation and creativity and move away from traditionalism and stereotypes, and thus work environments improve, each according to his category. Indicating that the road to the podium is not easy and requires hard work, continuous effort and perseverance, but it is not difficult for aspirants looking for a seat among the honorees.

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