After raising the price of diesel… a new increase in the passenger tariff in Egypt

Against the backdrop of raising diesel prices in Egypt, and hours after the decision was issued, some governorates decided to raise fares for taxis and public transportation.

And Cairo Governorate announced an amendment to the fare for riding services, public transportation and the regions, in light of the issuance of the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources’ decision to amend the price of diesel. The Governor of Cairo, Khaled Abdel-Al, confirmed that the new ride tariff was set to take into account the interest of the citizen and the driver, and took into account the distance of each route and the number of trips in order to achieve justice. Citizens.

He explained that the increase in the service tariff ranged between 50 piasters for most lines, and did not exceed one pound for long lines that reach more than 40 kilometers. The public transport authority’s bus fare has also been increased by 50 piasters for most lines and one pound for some distinct lines that serve remote areas. The fare for rides at the regions’ stops has also been modified by no more than 10%.

The Governor of Giza, Ahmed Rashid, held a meeting to discuss the measures taken following the decision of the Automatic Pricing Committee for Petroleum Products to increase diesel prices.

The governor directed the formation of a committee to determine the new fare prices for taxis on the internal and external lines, in proportion to the planned increase. He also instructed the head of the service apparatus to announce the new tariff and suspend it in all stops, and to place the poster for service cars and mass transit, which includes the itinerary and the prescribed fare according to the new increases, to ensure that motorists do not increase the ride tariff individually or divide the itineraries.

Qalyubia Governorate also decided to amend the new tariff set for taxis and service cars in the governorate department.

The governorate obligated drivers and owners of vehicles and cars to the new tariff, while assigning the directors of the Traffic Department, the Director of Traffic Investigation and the Director of Parking to intensify campaigns against passenger cars and vehicles in the various parking lots of the governorate and the various fields.

In Matrouh, it was decided to raise the current ride fare for mass transit and service cars by 10%, whether for internal service lines, or linking with governorates and regions, with regular workflow within all parking lots at the level of centers and cities of Matrouh Governorate.

This morning, the Committee for Automatic Pricing of Petroleum Products decided to increase the price of diesel by one pound per liter, so that the selling price in the local market would be EGP 8.25 per liter, as of two o’clock on Thursday morning.

The committee also decided to fix the prices of all types of gasoline at 8.75 pounds per liter of 80-gasoline, 10.25 pounds per liter of 92-gasoline, and 11.50 pounds per liter of 95-gasoline, as well as fixing the selling price of a ton of diesel for non-electricity and food industries at 6000 pounds per ton.

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