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American actor Jon Voight launched a scathing attack on his daughter, the international star Angelina Jolie, following her recent statements in support of Gaza, whose people have been subjected to massacres and massacres for a month at the hands of the Israeli army.

Voight sent a message to his followers, saying, “I am disappointed by my daughter’s statements, like many of you. She does not understand that the struggle over the destruction of the history of God’s land, the holy land of the Jews, is alongside standing before heavenly justice.”

He added, “Terrorists attacked Israel, innocent mothers and children. They are also trying to exterminate Jews and Christians. The Palestinians obtained a lot of money that they did not share with anyone. Instead, they bought weapons with it, and you consider Israel the problem?”

Angelina Jolie, the former special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, expressed her rejection of the heinous massacres committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, saying, “This is the deliberate bombing of a besieged population who have nowhere to flee to.”

The Hollywood star added, “Gaza has been an open prison for nearly two decades, and is rapidly turning into a mass grave. 40% of the dead are innocent children. Entire families are being killed.”

She continued, “As the world watches and with the active support of many governments, millions of Palestinian civilians – children, women and families – are being subjected to collective punishment and dehumanization, all while being deprived of food, medicine and humanitarian aid, which is contrary to international law.”

Jolie concluded her message by saying, “By refusing to demand a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds and preventing the United Nations Security Council from imposing a ceasefire on both parties, world leaders are complicit in these crimes.”

In February 2022, Voight visited the settlements in the occupied West Bank, describing them as “the heart of Israel” and asking disapprovingly, “I do not understand why Judea and Samaria are called the West Bank?”

In August 2014, the Hollywood star criticized both the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and her compatriot, the actor Javier Bardem, and accused them of anti-Semitism after they denounced the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Old disagreements

Returning to Voight and his daughter, the American actor left his partner, the late actress Marcheline Bertrand, in 1976, when Jolie was one year old, so her mother raised her without any financial support from the father.

The dispute between the father and his daughter led to them not speaking to each other for years, which Jolie revealed for the first time in 2004, saying, “My father and I do not speak.”

In 2001, Angelina decided to legally give up bearing her father’s name, and her name became Angelina Jolie, after Voight mentioned in a media interview that his daughter “suffers from psychological problems,” while Angelina said, “My father is a wonderful artist, but he is not a good father,” and the estrangement between them continued for years.

At the end of 2010, after a dispute that lasted nearly a decade, Voight spoke for the first time in an interview with the British newspaper “Daily Mail” about his reconciliation with Jolie, expressing his great joy at the end of his long dispute with his daughter and his great attachment to his six grandchildren.

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