After mocking the Hillsborough victims, an investigation was opened into the events of Luton Town against Liverpool

Today, the English Football Association issued an official statement regarding the events of the match Luton Town vs LiverpoolAs part of the eleventh round of the English Premier League, in the stronghold of Luton Town, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

The FA said in an official statement: “We are aware of the tragedy that occurred during yesterday’s Premier League match between Luton Town and Liverpool, and are seeking feedback from Luton Town and further details from the police.”

The FA added: “We strongly condemn chants of this kind and will continue to work closely with officials and specialists across the game, including clubs, leagues, fan groups and relevant authorities to proactively address this issue.”

The match saw a group of Luton Town fans chanting slogans mocking the Hillsborough disaster, which occurred in April 1989.

This disaster occurred before the match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, where the stampede resulted in the death of more than 90 Liverpool fans and the injury of hundreds.

While the British newspaper “Daily Mail” confirmed that the English Football Association decided not to impose any punishment on the star Luis Diaz after he lifted his shirt and demanded the freedom of his father.

The Mail said, “Luis Diaz will not face any penalties due to the condition he is going through and his exceptional circumstances after his father was kidnapped.”

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