After defeating Mexico in the Basketball World Cup, will Egypt qualify for the Paris Olympics?

The Egyptian national basketball team maintained its chances of qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics through the World Cup gate, after defeating the Mexican national team 100-72 in the last round of the World Cup Group D competitions.

The Egyptian team ranked third in Group D, to play the role of determining positions from the 17th to the 32nd.

For the Egyptian team to qualify directly for the Olympics, it is required that it not be preceded by any African team at the end of the World Cup general standings.

But how do teams qualify for the World Cup?

As of 2017, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has introduced radical changes to its systems and tournaments to determine how to qualify for major tournaments such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games. Qualification is no longer determined by continental tournaments such as the European Cup, for example.

FIBA canceled the impact of the continental championships on direct qualification, and restricted them to the final standings of the World Cup to determine more than half of the qualifiers, while the other number is determined through four global championships that bring together teams from different continents bearing the name “FIBA Olympic Qualifying Championships for Men” that will be held in 2024. before the start of the upcoming Olympic event.

The qualification system shows that:

  • The host (Olympics host) qualifies directly for the basketball competition, in this case it would be France.
  • The two best places in the World Cup for each of the Americas and Europe.
  • He has the best position in the World Cup for each of Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Attention is focused in the World Cup currently being held in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, on the final arrangement to determine the 7 teams that will qualify directly for the Paris Olympics.

Therefore, all matches are of great importance, and even the placement matches from 17 to 32 will be crucial, especially in the case of the Asian and African continents, where the Arab teams, namely Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, still have varying chances.

Egypt finished the first round with one win, and will meet Jordan and most likely New Zealand in the placement round. And in the event that it achieves 3 victories, its hopes become balanced in order to occupy the best African position and qualify directly for the Olympics, while Jordan and Lebanon ended their careers in the first round without any victory, and they will be required to achieve the largest number of victories in order to try to compete for the direct qualification card for the continent of Asia.

After completing the determination of the seven teams that will qualify directly, in addition to the host France, there are 4 cards left to complete the number of 12 teams.

After holding 4 qualifiers consisting of 6 teams, the champion of each qualifier qualifies for the Olympics.

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