After being close to death, Saint-Germain goalkeeper Rico is planning a quick return to football

“When will I return to football?” This is the first question that Spanish goalkeeper Sergio Rico, Paris Saint-Germain, asked his doctor, after he woke up from a coma that lasted 82 days after suffering serious head injuries.

The Spanish goalkeeper fell from his horse on May 28, after being hit by a horse-drawn carriage while participating in an annual event while on vacation in his hometown of Seville. He was then immediately transferred to the hospital.

The player woke up from his coma on June 19, and left intensive care on July 5.

In his first press interview with the official website of the Parisian team, Rico (29 years old) said, “The recovery process is very good… The doctors decided to send me home and carry out the first part of the recovery at home. I am happy to be here with my family and friends. Every day I feel better and stronger.”

He continued from his home in Seville, where he received French club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who traveled to Seville to show his support for the former Seville goalkeeper, that “he does not remember anything, not even the moment when everything happened, nor the stage of artificial coma in the hospital.”

He revealed that the first thing he thought about when he regained consciousness was football, and he explained, “I did not have any memory problems. I remembered all my relatives and friends…so the first idea that came to my mind was to play football.” This is the first thing I asked the doctor about. “It is not possible for me to think about anything other than football… my whole life has revolved around that.”

Although he left the hospital only a month ago, Rico has already set a specific date for his recovery.

He concluded by saying, “On the 22nd of this month, I will take a new test to find out how the aneurysm continues, and to see if the doctor gives me more freedom to practice some sports, so that I can adjust my body and be able to return to Paris.” My goal is to be with the team again this year before the end of the season.”

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported last July that Rico would have died immediately if the injury he suffered was half a centimeter deeper.

Rico, who was born in Seville, won the European League title twice with the Andalusian team, before moving on loan to English club Fulham in 2019.

Then he moved to Paris Saint-Germain on loan in 2019 as well, before the transfer became official in 2020.

Rico was loaned from the French side to Spanish club Real Mallorca in January 2022, before returning to Saint-Germain this season. He played one international match with the Spanish national team.

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