After being accused of theft… a crisis between Amr Mostafa and Ramy Sabry

A new crisis is taking place in the Egyptian artistic community between composer Amr Mostafa and singer Ramy Sabry, after the first appeared in a television interview in which he accused Sabry of theft, which he responded to.

As for the reason, it is due to the song “Maybe Khair”, which Sabri released about two months ago, and it achieved great success with the audience, as its views exceeded 25 million.

However, Mustafa mentioned in his meeting that the melody of “Mayken Khair” was stolen from his song “Dance”, which he presented a year ago, asking his colleague to prove that he owns the song.

He also responded to what Sabri mentioned before, that he has been working on the song for four years, with the need to prove this, especially since Mustafa intends to address YouTube to delete the song.

However, this matter angered Sabri, who appeared in a radio interview, attacking Mustafa strongly, and asked him to talk to him in a better way than this, especially since Sabri specializes in music by virtue of his studies, while the audience was surprised by the deletion of the song “Maybe Khair” from “YouTube” on the grounds of violating property rights. ; This prompted Sabri to respond with a video clip that he posted on his Instagram account, in which he placed part of Mustafa’s speech in which he demands proof.

After that, Sabri moved to his studio, and showed everyone the folder in which the song was located, dating back to 2019, confirming that he would communicate with the management of “YouTube” and send them proof of his ownership of the song so that it becomes available again.

He also sent a message that fighting success is not the solution, but rather the most important thing is for a person to work on himself and strive to reach success without fighting it.

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