Afghan Army Commander: Foreign intelligence is behind the bombings

The commander of the Afghan army, Fasih al-Din Fitrat, accused foreign intelligence services of being behind the bombings and the security tension under the cover of the Islamic State.

Fitrat said, while presenting a report to the government – which is led by the Taliban movement – on the activities of the army last year, that his country’s government has a clear plan to combat the “Islamic State” organization in all Afghan lands.

The Afghan military commander’s statements come at a time when the “Islamic Emirate” account, via the “X” website (formerly Twitter), reported that the Afghan Ministry of Interior’s special forces killed 3 and captured others of the ISIS elements and rescued a kidnapped businessman during a security operation in the Directorate. Baghman, Kabul Province.

The Afghan army commander confirmed Kabul’s commitment not to use Afghan lands against others, saying that Pakistan should not bear Afghanistan’s security failure, as he put it.

On another issue, Fitrat said that the Afghan government demanded that Uzbekistan “hand over our military aircraft, but it did not do so as a result of American pressure.”

And the Afghan Acting Minister of Interior Sirajuddin Haqqani said – yesterday, Saturday – that the Afghan government is committed to the Doha agreement, and that it will implement all the covenants it made in Doha with the countries of the region and the world, adding that the international community did not abide by its commitments and chose a path contrary to the Doha agreement.

Haqqani added, in a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence from Britain, that the world should help the Afghans, not impose sanctions on them.

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