AFC Asian Cup 2023 match schedule in Qatar

Today, Monday, the organizers revealed the schedule of matches for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, which will be held in Qatar in early 2024, after the amendments that were made, most notably the adoption of Lusail Stadium to host the opening and final matches of the tournament.

The tournament will be held from January 12 to February 10 next year, on 9 stadiums, including 7 that hosted the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar.

Lusail Stadium (which hosted the Qatar World Cup final) will witness the opening match, in which the host country and the defending champions, Qatar, will face their Lebanese counterpart at 7 pm Doha time, and the final will also be played in it, and the capacity of the stadium is 88,000 seats.

In addition to Lusail Stadium, six other World Cup stadiums will host the Asian Cup matches: Al-Bayt, Al-Janoub, Al-Thumama, Ahmed bin Ali, Education City, and Khalifa International Stadium, in addition to the Jassim bin Hamad and Abdullah bin Khalifa stadiums.

24 teams are participating in the Asian Cup, which has been divided into 6 groups, and the tournament will witness up to 3 matches per day during the group stage.

Thanks to the close distances between stadiums in the State of Qatar, fans will have an exceptional opportunity to attend more than one match during the day. This feature also allows fans coming from outside the country to stay in one place throughout the duration of the tournament, similar to what happened in the Qatar World Cup, which was praised by the world.

The following is the schedule of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar:

January 12:

(19:00) Qatar – Lebanon (Group A), Lusail Stadium.

January 13:

(14:30) Australia – India (Group B), Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

(17:30) China – Tajikistan (Group A), Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium.

(20:30) Uzbekistan – Syria (Group B), Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium.

January 14:

(14:30) Japan – Vietnam (Group D), Al Thumama Stadium.

(17:30) UAE – Hong Kong (Group C), Khalifa International Stadium.

(20:30) Iran – Palestine (Group C), Education City Stadium.

January 15:

(14:30) South Korea – Bahrain (Group E), Jassim bin Hamad Stadium.

(17:30) Indonesia – Iraq (Group D), Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

(20:30) Malaysia – Jordan (Group E), Al Janoub Stadium.

January 16:

(17:30) Thailand – Kyrgyzstan (Group F), Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium.

(20:30) Saudi Arabia – Oman (Group F), Khalifa International Stadium.

January 17:

(14:30) Lebanon – China (Group A), Al Thumama Stadium.

(17:30) Tajikistan – Qatar (Group A), Al-Bayt Stadium.

January 18:

(14:30) Syria – Australia (Group B), Jassim bin Hamad Stadium.

(17:30) India – Uzbekistan (Group B), Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

(20:30) Palestine – UAE (Group C), Al Janoub Stadium.

January 19:

(14:30) Iraq – Japan (Group D), Education City Stadium.

(17:30) Vietnam – Indonesia (Group D), Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium.

(20:30) Hong Kong – Iran (Group C) Khalifa International Stadium.

January 20:

(14:30) Jordan – South Korea (Group E), Al-Thumama Stadium.

(17:30) Bahrain – Malaysia (Group E), Jassim bin Hamad Stadium.

January 21:

(17:30) Oman – Thailand (Group F), Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium.

(20:30) Kyrgyzstan – Saudi Arabia (Group F), Khalifa International Stadium.

January 22:

(18:00) Tajikistan – Lebanon (Group A), Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium.

(18:00) Qatar – China (Group A), Khalifa International Stadium.

January 23:

(14:30) Syria – India (Group B), Al-Bayt Stadium.

(14:30) Australia – Uzbekistan (Group B), Al Janoub Stadium.

(18:00) Hong Kong – Palestine (Group C) Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium.

(18:00) Iran – UAE (Group C), Education City Stadium.

January 24:

(14:30) Japan – Indonesia (Group D), Al Thumama Stadium.

(14:30) Iraq – Vietnam (Group D), Jassim bin Hamad Stadium.

January 25:

(14:30) South Korea – Malaysia (Group E), South Stadium.

(14:30) Jordan – Bahrain (Group E), Khalifa International Stadium.

(18:00) Kyrgyzstan – Oman (Group F), Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium.

(18:00) Saudi Arabia – Thailand (Group F), Education City Stadium.

Final price:

January 28:

(14:30) Leaders of Group Two – Third, First, Third or Fourth (Match No. 37) Jassim bin Hamad Stadium.

(19:00) Second Group A – Second Group C (Match No. 38) Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

January 29:

(14:30) Leaders of the fourth group – third second, fifth or sixth (Match No. 39) Khalifa International Stadium.

(19:00) Group A Leader – Third, Third, Fourth, or Fifth (Match No. 40), Al-Bayt Stadium.

January 30:

(14:30) The second of the second group – the second of the sixth (Match No. 41), Al Janoub Stadium.

(19:00) Leaders of Group Six – Second of Fifth (Match No. 42) Education City Stadium.

January 31:

(14:30) Leaders of the fifth group – the second of the fourth (Match No. 43) Al Thumama Stadium.

(19:00) Leaders of the third group – the third of the first, second or sixth (Match No. 44) Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium.


February 2:

(14:30) Winner of Match No. 38 – Winner of Match No. 39 (Match No. 45) Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

(18.30) Winner of Match No. 37 – Winner of Match No. 42 (Match No. 46) Al Janoub Stadium.

February 3:

(14:30) Winner of Match No. 44 – Winner of Match No. 43 (Match No. 47) Education City Stadium

(18:30) Winner of Match No. 40 – Winner of Match No. 41 (Match No. 48) Al-Bayt Stadium.

semi final:

February 6:

(18:00) Winner of Match No. 45 – Winner of Match No. 46 (Match No. 49) Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

February 7:

(18:00) Winner of Match No. 47 – Winner of Match No. 48 (Match No. 50) Al Thumama Stadium.

final match:

February 10:

(18:00) Winner of Match No. 49 – Winner of Match No. 50, Lusail Stadium.

Qatar is the best version of the Asian Cup

Jassim Abdulaziz Al Jassim, CEO of the Local Organizing Committee for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, said, “We are pleased to host the Asian Championship for the third time in Qatar. We are confident that the Asian Cup Qatar 2023 will be the best edition that has been organized so far, and the match schedule will witness a number of wonderful competitions in which the atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement escalates between a number of the most famous teams in Asia.

He added, “We await with great enthusiasm the return of the international football atmosphere to the stadiums in Qatar, and its stadiums will be filled with fans who are passionate about the world of the round witch, and who will come to the country from all over the continent to attend the matches of the prestigious sporting event.”

Qatar hosted the Asian Cup in 1988 and 2011, and won the title in 2019 in the edition that was held in the United Arab Emirates.

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