Adam Scott, other high-profile golfers defend Patrick Cantlay over allegations of Eamonn Lynch ‘coup’ on the PGA Tour

PGA Tour’s biggest stars are going after golf columnist and commentator Eamonn Lynch after he accused world number 4 golfer Patrick Cantlay of orchestrating a “coup” and trying to rally the tour against its upcoming merger with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

In the wake of the tour’s massive merger with LIV Golf, Lynch wrote a column in Golfweek earlier in the month, alleging that Cantlay “was trying to rally players against the deal with the Saudis, and against members of the Tour’s policy board who engineered or supported it.”

Adam Scott, a 14-time PGA Tour winner and chairman of the Players’ Advisory Council, posted a message on Instagram tearing Lynch up and defending Cantlay – with several of the tour’s top players retweeting the message.

Scott’s message, which was posted next to a screenshot of Lynch’s article, began: “These are tough times for golf and there are a lot of dangerous things going on.” Should such articles form part of the discussion?

“Putting aside barbs and kind adjectives would be helpful, and treat the facts presented with a much higher integrity.

“Speaking of a Cantlay coup—really? Maybe some evidence rather than anonymous speculation?

“Cheap shots on players’ charisma value”? It is clear that many companies value gamers. These players should be entitled to some time and information to determine what is and is not palatable, after the Flight Management Policy has been amended.

The letter concluded, “The process is likely to be objectively and factually better.”

Several senior players, including Rickie Fowler, Will Zlatoris, and Justin Thomas, have republished Scott’s message, standing in solidarity with Cantlay as the tour prepares to undergo sweeping changes.

The world of golf was turned on its head earlier this month when the mind-boggling trust behind the LIV — locked in a years-long civil war with the PGA over poaching several top players since its inception in 2021 — announced a massive merger with the tour, to form The Golf League. The new project, which will be funded by the Public Investment Fund.

Article Lynch accused Cantlay, a member of the Tour Policy Council, of trying to rally forces against the merger, saying Cantlay and other golfers like him would no longer have leverage over the Tour if the LIV disappeared under the new umbrella.

The article also stated that Cantlay was rumored to have been courting LIV for months prior to the merger.

Just a few days ago, the framework agreement between the two sides leaked, providing some details on how they plan to move forward.

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