Action from the Astillero and adidas Originals at the EQUAL Festival

The brand was a sponsor of the festival organized by Spotify, and together with Astillero they took advantage of the screens to add emerging artists seeking their original voice to the lineup. Three emerging female singers who are taking their first steps in music were selected.

As part of the launch of the adidas Originals 2023 global campaign, under the concept “We gave you an original, you gave us thousands back”, Astillero worked on adapting the brand’s communication at the local level.

The agency took as its starting point the sponsorship of adidas in the EQUAL Festival, organized by Spotify, which was presented for the first time in the country, with the presence of artists of the stature of María Becerra, Lali, Emilia, Marilina Bertoldi, Karina, Taichu and Connie Isla.

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“When the brand proposed to us to do an action for its partnership with the EQUAL Festival, we did not want to think only about where we would put the logo but how to be able to unite the spirit of the festival with its global concept. That’s why we asked ourselves: how can we get more artists on stage? And there it occurred to us to use the screens that focus on the most recognized artists of the Argentine scene, as an unusual means to show new faces, those artists who are in search of their originality.” explained Agustín Suárez, co-founder of Astillero.

Under this premise, three emerging female singers who are taking their first steps in music were selected: Juana Rozas, Carla Clavijo and Dandára. Testimonial videos were filmed with them in which they could tell what things inspire them, what their dreams are, their history with music and what it means to them to be original.

The videos were broadcast on the screens of the EQUAL Festival, so that the entire public can know them. Likewise, in the Adidas space inside the venue, they could come and listen to their songs. The content will be amplified on networks, both in the profiles of the artists and in those of the brand.

The production of the videos was carried out by Olivia Parra and her team, a young director with a great future, so that it could reflect the spirit of the new artists and the EQUAL Festival.

Hosted by Spotify and starring exclusively female artists, The EQUAL Festival was presented for the first time in Argentina, on Saturday, September 16, at the Palermo Hippodrome.

It was the first time in the history of the industry that the main voices of emerging female artists in the country were brought together on a single stage. It was the largest live event in Spotify’s history.


Advertiser: adidas Argentina
Responsible for the advertiser: Federico Saraví / Eugenia Cuello / Madeleine Fanton
Product: adidas Originals
Campaign Title: We gave you an original, you gave us thousands back.
Agency: Astillero Agency
Creative General Directors: Agustín Suárez / Sebastián Duccoli
Creative Directors: Joaquín Ibarguren
Creative Team: Marina Almela Masip / Nuria Aymerich Remolar

Head of Art: Lucas Ruiz

Project Leader: Manuela Chiappe

Project Manager: Rosario Degrossi
Producer by the agency: Agustina Penela
Director and Executive Production: Olivia Parra
Production: Ame Blanco
Art Direction: Denu Mar
Still Photo: Lucila Schuchner
Editing: Valentina Fragueiro Frias

Color: Clara Obarrio
Sound: Gonzalo Komel

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