Abu Dhabi Police is preparing for the new academic year 2023 with a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of students

The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols at the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police has completed its preparations for the new academic year “2023-2024 AD” with a comprehensive plan in cooperation with strategic partners, in order to enhance securing the return of students to school and achieving the highest levels of traffic safety for all, especially school students, under the slogan “Our children are a trust.” .

Brigadier General Mahmoud Yousef Al Balushi, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, explained that the plan focuses on intensifying traffic patrols at intersections and internal and external roads in the emirate, and patrols of traffic sergeants to regulate traffic and facilitate the movement of school buses, and ensure pedestrian crossings to ensure traffic safety for our students while getting off the vehicle. And even reaching the school door.

He stressed that the safety of our students is a top priority in the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters as part of its efforts and cooperation with various strategic partners, pointing out the importance of strengthening joint cooperation in a way that contributes to providing safety and security continuously for school students.

He stated that meetings will be held with various strategic partners, with the aim of supporting efforts to maintain the security and safety of students and educational staff, wishing that the new academic year will be a happy year for students and parents.

And he noted the importance of keenness to intensify awareness programs, to enhance positive traffic behaviors for various segments of society, including road users, and to introduce them to laws and regulations, and to provide the highest standards of traffic safety for our students while they are heading to their schools and returning from them, indicating that focus will be on educating drivers, the importance of attention, while driving their vehicles, reduce speeds near schools, adhere to safe driving, and cooperate with traffic patrols to enhance the flow of traffic to avoid accidents.

He urged school bus drivers to stand in the designated and safe places, and to give the students the opportunity so that they can climb to them, sit in the seats, and make sure that they get off and not approach the buses before they move, and also called on them not to speed while driving the bus, and to implement preventive measures. For safe driving during fog, leave a safe distance, and commit to opening the “stop” side arm when students get on and off.

He called on families to pay attention while transporting their children to schools, not to allow those under the age of ten to sit in the front seats, and to help them cross the street, as well as to use places designated for parking vehicles at schools, to avoid obstructing traffic, and to teach children the correct ways to get on and off. the bus, and warn them not to play in the street while waiting for the bus.

He stressed the necessity of adhering to the full stop of vehicles when opening the “stop” lever for buses, with a distance of not less than five meters, to ensure that students cross safely, in order to avoid a fine of 1000 dirhams, and 10 traffic points, for drivers not stopping when they see the “stop” signal for buses. Transfer of school students.

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