Abu Adel.. a Saudi who has been providing iced water and juices to pilgrims for 30 years in Mecca

The Saudi citizen Abu Adel has been working to provide iced water and juices to pilgrims for 30 years in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

And he indicated during an intervention with Al-Arabiya channel that he had inherited this charity from the father, grandfather and good people.

Abu Adel pointed out that young men, girls and charitable people in Makkah contribute to this charitable work to serve the pilgrims, by sharing ice and various juices.

He explained that he had started this work 30 years ago with a person named “Fahd Moawad”, as he was supervising the path and serving the pilgrims, explaining that he had continued the path of that work after the death of Fahd, on the same sidewalk in Mecca.

Abu Adel indicated that he works daily in that way and serving the guests of the Merciful, from after the noon prayer until after midnight.

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