Abdo Khal launches the “Future of Culture – From Here” project

Novelist Abdou Khal recalled the idea of ​​leading a gathering of a large number of people with creative ideas. With the aim of bridging the gap between the different fields of art, and participating in the development of creative ideas, and transforming them from abstract ideas into readable or viewing works.

The project referred to by “Okaz” in previous issues includes the writer Abdo Khal’s idea of ​​adopting a project under the title (The Future of Culture – from here), and the first gathering of team members will be launched next Monday at the Culture and Arts Association, to talk about (how it is possible to get out of the cinematic beginnings). ), bearing in mind that the project is not limited to one artistic field, or one city, or one breath, but rather it is inclusive of all the activities of the creators, in the overlapping and interlacing of the fields to produce consistency among the arts in general.

The idea preoccupied Khal from an early age when he incorporated the arts into the pens page that he supervised in the weekly supplement to the “Okaz” newspaper, as well as through the newspaper’s “Echoes of the Word” supplement at the end of the eighties.

Khal kept calling for the collection of arts in one frame. The cultural activities were like isolated islands, and he integrated the plastic, written, theatrical and musical arts in several experiences that gained momentum at that time.

Abdo Khal also believes that the current cultural situation is more suitable for the success of his cultural project, and Khal said that the idea he has depends on forming workshops through the active names in each artistic stimulus.. and the idea is comprehensive for every place in the country, as attendance enables everyone to participate and make efforts for the success of successive projects. For those who belong to the workshop, the Zoom program will be the unifying method for all the talents scattered on the country’s map.

Abdo Khal went on to say, “The targeted fields are: story, novel, screenwriting, theatre, melodies and their sounds, plastic art, sculpture, and cinema.”

Abdo explained that “Okaz” will be the incubator for this gathering, and the broadcaster for all cultural activities through its cultural pages, which means presenting all creative works that transcend and are capable of creating creative astonishment, pointing out that every field of art will witness the participation of famous people in every art. Convergence of ideas to create a cultural scene that flows into the creative efforts of each field, and prominent names will have a role in evaluating the works submitted for each field.

And about the dimensions of the project, Abdo Khal said: The project (The Future of Culture – From Here) is a start towards intertwined playing between the arts to create harmony in an extended melody, as the project has no end point, so every end is a beginning.

And about Okaz’s support for the project, Abdo Khal pointed out that the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Jamil Al-Dhiabi, welcomed the idea and its owner, and said to him: You are the father of art and creativity, and your newspaper should adopt creative ideas, as Okaz did in extending a hand to ideas that serve the talented in each domain.

And Khal continued: The project (The Future of Culture – From Here) is a land that takes us towards our small and big dreams.

The team (The Future of Culture – From Here) is diverse, each of them is looking to establish his mark, and it will not be an exclusive team, but rather it will expand with the breadth of the country.

He concluded by saying: Our center is Okaz Newspaper, and our tent extends to every inch of our country through the Zoom program.. Everyone is welcome as active participants.

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