A Young Red Sox fan loses the ball after her brother throws the ball away — but it didn’t end there

This will be a Father’s Day that the Mulligan family won’t soon forget.

What started as an innocent mistake by a young Boston Red Sox fan turned into a heartwarming TV moment upstairs from Fenway Park during the first game of a Red Sox doubleheader against the Yankees on Sunday.

It started when young fan Charlie Mulligan was gifted a foul ball by another fan in the line in front of him.

Seizing the moment, Charlie shows off some impressive arm strength and brings the ball back to the court despite the efforts of his father, Pat, and fellow fan, Mike, to catch the ball in the nick of time.

Realizing what he has done, and seeing the frustration on his brother Jack’s face, Charlie breaks down in his father’s arms in tears.

The entire scene was captured by NESN cameras as anchors Dave O’Brien and Will Middlebrooks recounted the dramatic events unfolding on the Coca-Cola Deck.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending once the Red Sox got wind of what had happened and sent autographed baseballs and T-shirts to the two young fans.

“Are you angry with him now?” Middlebrooks was jokingly asked as the camera showed Jack receiving an autographed ball and jersey from Kenley Jansen.

Red Sox reporter Jahmai Webster caught up with the Mulligan family later in the game, but Charlie was still overwhelmed with emotion from throwing the ball away earlier.

Jack seemed to be in better spirits.

“He was so excited to get the ball, but so excited that he bowled really well in left field,” Pat said as he held Charlie. “His brother was a little upset, but we are recovering and everyone is very nice. Our friend Mike is there who gave us the ball, so we are very grateful to everyone for being so kind.”

Charlie was still too dazed to speak when Webster tried to ask if he was feeling better.

Another boys item was given to the Mulligans as Webster released a pair of autographed baseballs from the NESN broadcast team, which featured a message from Middlebrooks complimenting the throw.

“It’s so much fun every time we come over and he loves baseball, and we love this place. Pat later added, “Thank you for being so nice to us.”

To put together a Father’s Day bow the Mulligan family won’t soon forget, the Red Sox defeated the Yankees 6-2 in the first game of a doubleheader in Boston.

The Yankees had lost four of their last games to the Red Sox in the second game of the doubleheader.

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