A young man of Arab origin impresses “Bill Gates”… Why?

The co-founder of “DeepMind”, Mustafa Suleiman – a company that was acquired by “Google” 9 years ago – impressed the billionaire, Bill Gates, after he founded a new artificial intelligence company that may threaten the existence of giant entities now.

Gates said: “I would be disappointed if Microsoft did not provide a personal digital artificial intelligence assistant through which people dispense with traditional search engines, but I admire several startups, including Inflection.”

Living proof of Gates’ proposal is Inflection AI, a small tech startup working to bring Gates’ idea of ​​a personal AI assistant to life.

“Imagine your own personal AI companion with the single mission of making you happier, healthier and more productive,” wrote Inflection CEO Mustafa Soliman, co-founder of Deep Mind. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re starting to develop a personal AI assistant that really works for you. Our mission is to align your AI so that it aligns with you and your interests above all else. That means designing AI that helps you express your intentions, organize your life, and be there for you when you need it. you need it.”

Suleiman, a Briton of a Syrian father who used to work as a taxi driver, and a British mother who used to work as a nurse, was born in Britain in 1984.

Gates said, during the “AI Forward 2023” conference, an event hosted by “Goldman Sachs” and “SV Angle”, that companies such as “Amazon” and “Google” will be threatened by the winner of the companies by providing the personal digital assistant.

Gates went on to discuss the potential health innovations brought about by artificial intelligence, saying that the technology could lead to a type of drug capable of treating Alzheimer’s and similar diseases.

He also touched on the potential job loss risks posed by the technology, saying that AI-powered bots will affect white and blue-collar workers because innovation will be much cheaper to use than humans.

Artificial intelligence expert Professor Gary Marcus testified during last week’s Senate hearing on AI oversight about the huge risks to jobs offered by this technology.

“I think in the long term, AI will really replace a large portion of human jobs,” he said.

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