A US military helicopter carrying 20 marines crashes in Australia


The Australian Ministry of Defense said that a plane carrying US military personnel had an accident on Sunday morning during a training mission on Melville Island, north of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Sky News Australia reported that a V-22 Osprey helicopter crashed off the coast of Darwin with about 20 US Marines on board.

“Initial reports indicate that the incident involved personnel from the US Department of Defense and is not related to personnel from the Australian Defense Force,” the ministry said in an emailed statement.

Public broadcaster ABC reported that a number of people had been rescued after a plane crash.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation also reported that several military personnel were rescued from the plane crash, and that there were no reports of deaths.

This aircraft is capable of vertical take-off and landing, and has movable wings that can be directed upward to give it the ability of the helicopter to maneuver or forward to fly horizontally as a regular plane.

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