A traffic expert warns of 5 school violations

Dr. Jamal Al-Amiri, the traffic expert and CEO of the “Saaed Association” to reduce traffic accidents, warned of five major violations committed by drivers around schools, which are: failure to stop completely when opening the “stop” arm, random parking of parents’ vehicles or private drivers of vehicles that Picking up students, standing in the middle of the road or behind other vehicles, obstructing traffic, and not adhering to speeds around schools.

Al-Amiri told «Emirates Today» that «in conjunction with the start of the new academic year, and the return of our students to their schools, calls and warnings are renewed from the responsible authorities, police agencies and strategic partners concerned with traffic safety, to ensure adherence to the highest standards of safety and safe driving on the roads, in order to preserve the lives of our children. ».

He added that «there are negative scenes and behaviors on the road, committed by some drivers, as they ignore road safety instructions, while transporting children to schools, and cause obstruction of traffic and traffic, by standing randomly or standing behind other vehicles, and not taking into account other drivers, which is A renewed phenomenon with every academic year, ”pointing out that the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law punishes the violation of parking behind vehicles, which impedes their movement, with a fine of 500 dirhams.

And he alerted drivers to the obligation to stop completely when opening the “stop” side arm of school buses in both directions, with a distance of no less than five meters, to ensure that students pass safely and securely, pointing out that the fine for the driver not stopping when he sees the “stop” signal for school buses transporting students is $ 1000 dirhams and 10 traffic points. As for the fine for the school bus driver’s failure to open the “stop” sign, it amounts to 500 dirhams and six traffic points.

Al-Amiri emphasized the importance of road users’ cooperation in achieving smooth traffic around schools, by adhering to traffic laws, not stopping vehicles randomly or recklessly driving in the vicinity of schools, and paying attention while students cross the internal roads leading to schools.

He advised parents to drop off their children in the correct manner at the entrances to schools, in order to avoid accidents. He also stressed that those under ten years of age should not be allowed to sit in the front seats, in addition to using parking spaces for vehicles at schools to avoid obstructing traffic, assisting them in crossing the street, and warning them not to play in the street while waiting for buses.

• In conjunction with the start of the new academic year, calls and warnings are renewed to ensure adherence to the highest standards of safety and safe driving on the roads.

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