A source in Al-Ahly reveals to “The Week” the truth about the contract with John Ibuka

The past few hours have witnessed the spread of news about Al-Ahly club’s negotiations with Nigerian John Ibuka, player of the first football team at Ceramica Ladamma club, during the current summer transfer period.

A source inside Al-Ahly club revealed the truth about Al-Ahmar’s negotiations with his counterpart, Ceramica Cleopatra, regarding the contract with John Ibuca, as he confirmed that everything that was reported during the last period regarding this news is incorrect.

The source said in exclusive statements to Al-Ousboa: “We have not negotiated with Eboca, the striker of Ceramica Cleopatra, until now.”

And he concluded: “What is reported is incorrect, and we did not make an offer to the player.”

On the other hand, Khaled Bebo, director of football at Al-Ahly Club, left Cairo a few days ago, heading to Austria, on a short trip, to check on all the arrangements for the football team’s preparation camp for the new season.

The technical staff set the period from August 28 to September 6 to hold the preparation camp in Austria.

Khaled Bebo was accompanied during the trip by Samir Adly, the managing director of the football team.

Khaled Bebo inspects the residence hotel and training grounds, checks on transportation and all matters related to the camp, and removes any obstacles that may appear early, to provide the necessary atmosphere for the technical staff and players.

Khaled Bebo returns to Cairo to find out about the latest arrangements for travel to Austria.

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