A salesman accuses a customer of stealing and trying to run him over

An Asian salesman in a store implicated himself in an unjustified crime, as he filed a false report with the Dubai police against a customer, accusing him of theft and attempting to run him over with his car.

However, his case was revealed and referred to the Public Prosecution in Dubai, which in turn referred him to the Misdemeanor Court on charges of informing the authorities of a crime he knew not to have committed, and it ruled that he be convicted and punished with a fine.

The accused came up with a strange trick, in order to avoid the blame from his boss, because the victim paid the value of purchases via a payment machine over the phone, as it became clear – after his exit – that the transaction had not been completed, but the seller could not catch up with him, so he issued a false report against him.

According to the facts of the case, the accused falsely informed the authorities of a theft and a deliberate accident that endangered the lives of others. .

After investigating the incident and confronting the accused with evidence and police investigations, he confessed to the charge against him, stating that he had falsely reported the incident as a result of a mistake on his part, when the customer paid the value of the purchases via a payment machine over the phone, and discovered immediately after his departure that the transaction was rejected, so he tried to search for him. Outside, he saw his car but couldn’t catch up with him.

The accused said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he was afraid that the person responsible for him in the store would punish him for not collecting the value of the purchases, so he contacted him and informed him of the false story, claiming that he had been robbed and attempted to run over, so the official told him to inform the police.

In the rationale for its ruling, the court clarified that for the crime of false reporting to be committed, physical evidence must be fabricated that a person committed a crime or cause action to be taken against a person because of an act that requires a penalty, and that the communication be submitted to the judicial authority or administrative authority, and prove the falseness of the report and the untrueness of the incident.

She indicated her satisfaction with the evidence supporting the confession of the accused in the investigations of the Public Prosecution and before the court, which fulfills the legal elements of the crime ascribed to him, and then ruled to convict him and punish him with a fine of 5,000 dirhams.

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