A revolution in La Liga.. Getafe’s complaint threatens Real Madrid and the Spanish League

Yesterday, Real Madrid defeated Getafe 1-0 in the match that was held in the Spanish Football League.

And the newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported that if Getafe decided to file a complaint against Real Madrid due to improper alignment, the championship would be subject to a real earthquake.

And the Spanish newspaper confirmed that if Getafe decided to condemn Real Madrid for the inappropriate match in the match that the two teams played on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu, the possible punishment for the royal club (giving them the match a 0-3 loss) could revolutionize the league.

And there was a mistake for Real Madrid when switching, as the player Asensio came out and then returned to the field again.

And in the event that Real Madrid is considered a loser, Getafe will reach the 37th point in the League, and thus it will overtake Valencia, Cadiz, Almeria and Valladolid in the standings table.

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