A rare opportunity.. A company pays you $10,000 to walk

A global fitness and related goods company has offered a rare and enticing opportunity: it will pick a lucky person who walks just 10,000 steps in a single day, in exchange for a $10,000 reward.

According to an extensive report published by the American network “CNBC”, and viewed by “Al Arabiya.net”, the fitness company (GymBird) offered this amount in exchange for walking for the person who will be chosen.

Accepting the offer requires a person to train for a month until they feel comfortable walking 10,000 steps in a single day, and those selected will receive a smart watch from the company to track their progress.

Throughout the month, these people are also expected to share their experience on their social media accounts with at least one post per week, to encourage others to walk more often.

“By the last day of the month, they must walk a full 10,000 steps in 24 hours,” GymBird wrote in their job offer.

In order to participate in this unique challenge, those wishing to apply must apply before July 19, 2023 at 11:59 pm. As for the conditions for applying to enter this challenge, the applicant must be at least 18 years old, be a US citizen or legal resident in the United States, and He made a two-minute video describing how the experience went each week, and wrote a paragraph at the end of each week summarizing his experience including “activities, challenges, success, and general feelings.”

And CNBC says that this opportunity not only makes a person get ten thousand dollars, but it can also make him healthier.

And medical studies have said that walking about 10,000 steps a day can reduce the risk of dementia by 50%, and one of the researches showed that for every 2,000 steps you walk a day, you can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and premature death by 10%, and it peaks at 10 thousand steps.

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