A pivotal event for discussing climate change issues before COP 28

India’s hosting of the G20 Summit activities, which began yesterday and will last for two days, constitutes a pivotal global event to discuss a group of main topics, including issues of confronting climate change, coinciding with the UAE’s upcoming hosting of the activities of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 28). The past period witnessed the holding of several meetings that discussed ways to confront climate change and the transition in the energy sector, which contributes to unifying efforts, joining hands, building partnerships, and establishing consensus, to confront global challenges and reach targeted ambitions.

The ministerial meetings held by India in recent months witnessed an emphasis on the UAE’s commitment to adopting clean energy, and its adoption of a cooperative approach to facing global challenges and advancing sustainable development. The update of the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 was reviewed, which set ambitious goals for the year 2030, including doubling the energy contribution. Three times more renewable energy in the energy mix, increasing the efficiency of energy use for individuals and companies up to 45%, raising the contribution of clean energy to 32% of the energy mix, and achieving a network emissions rate of 0.27 kg CO2/kWh by 2030, which is less than the average. Global.

In the G20 ministerial meeting on climate sustainability, the UAE’s participation in the meeting witnessed an emphasis on the country’s firm commitment to environmental and climate sustainability. The participation also included highlighting the responsibility of all parties and the necessity of collective action through which the global community can achieve the global goal of reducing emissions.

The sessions accompanying the 14th G20 Ministerial Meeting on Clean Energy, which was held in the state of Goa, witnessed a call to join the “Global Cooling Pledge”, which is a partnership between the United Nations Environment Program and the Presidency of the Conference of the Parties “COP 28”, as the initiative provides incentives for governments and all concerned to work on Providing sustainable cooling within five areas: nature-based cooling solutions, increasing the efficiency of household electrical appliances, providing cooling for food and vaccines, district cooling, and “National Cooling Action Plans”.

The “Global Cooling Pledge” initiative cooperates closely with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the international organization Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll), with the aim of providing cooling and making it available to communities most vulnerable to the repercussions of climate change, especially in the countries of the Global South and small island developing states. And the least developed countries, to protect them from extreme heat, and to preserve food, vaccines and medicines from spoilage.

With the meeting of the G20 leaders, the issue of climate change comes; To constitute one of the main topics that will be discussed at the summit, paving the way for achieving meaningful and tangible results that allow developing countries to lay the necessary foundations to achieve a logical, gradual, responsible and just transition in the energy sector, and in a way that contributes to adopting a comprehensive framework for the global goal regarding adaptation, to ensure a human-centered approach to All climate action decisions.

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