A meeting in Barcelona to persuade Al-Amin Jamal to represent Spain

The newspaper “Marca” confirmed that the Spanish Football Federation had started serious moves to persuade the young player, Al-Amin Jamal (Barcelona’s talent), to represent the “La Roja” national team.

The newspaper stated that representatives of the Spanish Federation met during the past few hours with the player and his family in order to explain the future plan related to him, and are awaiting his final response to summon him to the national team list.

As he exited a restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Tito Blanco, an official of the Spanish Federation who was among those who met the player and his family, said, in the presence of Barcelona’s sports director Deco, “It is a very important decision, but the player must take it.”

It is expected that Spain coach Luis de la Fuente will announce, on the first of next September, the names of the players for the matches between Georgia and Cyprus scheduled for the 8th and 12th of the same month, within the framework of the qualifiers for the European Cup “Euro 2024” to be held in Germany next summer.

The newspaper pointed out that the Spanish Federation’s moves came at a time when its Moroccan counterpart is moving forward in order to persuade talented players scattered in Europe who have Moroccan roots, especially young people, to represent the “Atlas Lions” team, which applies to Al-Amin Jamal.

And if the player agrees to the plans of the Spanish Federation, La Fuente will call him up during the next international break, and that will be only two months after he reaches the age of 16.

In this context, Marca commented that it would be “a unique case, because the youngest player with the Spain national team is Gavi and he played against Italy at the age of 17 years and 62 days.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Amin Jamal had represented the Spain national team in the younger age groups, as he played 6 matches and scored 3 goals with the U-15 team, and he also appeared in 4 matches and scored a goal with the U-16 team, while he participated in 10 matches and scored 8 goals with Under-17 national team, and occupied the European runners-up with him.

He also played with the under-23 national team, its first match on October 25, 2022, against Germany.

Jamal played his first official match with Barcelona on April 29, against Real Betis, two months before he reached the age of 16, and then participated for the first time with Barcelona against Cadiz on August 20, to be the youngest player to participate in the basic formation in the Spanish League. during the 21st century.

For its part, Moroccan reports confirmed that the movement of Spanish Federation officials in the case of Al-Amin Jamal comes “in order to block the way for the Moroccan national team,” after the Moroccan Federation began its attempts to include the player in the squad of coach Walid Regraki, according to the newspaper “Al-Mukhtab”.

The newspaper recently confirmed that the Royal University (the Moroccan Federation) is monitoring the player’s position with Barcelona, ​​​​and does not want to abandon him easily, but things are currently pending, because the player wants to focus at the present time with the “Blaugrana”.

She indicated that the officials of the Moroccan Federation believe that Al-Amin Jamal is still young and that he has plenty of time to determine the identity of the team that he will play for, and for that they do not plan to pressure or rush him, but prefer that he choose the team with conviction and without pressure.

It is noteworthy that Al-Amin Jamal was born on July 13, 2007, in the Esplugas de Llobregat region, which is one of the municipalities of the Catalan region in Barcelona, ​​to a Moroccan father and a mother from Equatorial Guinea.

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