A Lebanese student was killed in America hours after he was honored

In a horrific incident, the 20-year-old Lebanese student, Karim Abu Najm, was stabbed to death in Davis, California, last Saturday, just hours after receiving an award for his research.

American media also reported that the Lebanese youth was stabbed while he was riding his bike in Sycamore Park in the city, noting that he is a student at the University of California, Davis.

In a statement to the bereaved young man’s father, he said that he fled with his family from Lebanon in 2018, hoping for safety, adding that his victim’s son was very happy after his success and graduation.

He also added, with a voice choked with sadness and eyes full of tears, that he arrived in America five years ago in search of stability and a desire to build a secure life.

He revealed that his late son had thanked him with his mother for all the support they gave him until he reached the graduation stage, especially since he was excelling in his studies.

He also emphasized that his son was a mass of energy and positivity, and very ambitious, stressing that he was proud of his achievements, saying: He wanted to make a better world out of this world.

It is noteworthy that the dead man had received, only hours before his death, an award for a research he had prepared, related to a software project that helps people with hearing problems.

The family called on the authorities to arrest the perpetrator of the crime, while the city’s mayor, Will Arnold, was briefed on the progress of the investigations.

It is noteworthy that the stabbing operation is the second of its kind in the same area within four days.

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