A landlord defaults on service fees for two properties

A real estate development company filed a lawsuit demanding that a buyer be required to pay it an amount of 57 thousand, which is the value of service fees and city fees.

The details of the case considered by the Abu Dhabi Family Court and the civil and administrative cases are due to the fact that the defendant purchased the housing unit and signed the sale agreement, but he breached his obligation to pay the civil service fees based on the contract and its annexes, and in its capacity as the developer and responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of the common parts, it arranged The defendant owed fees for a period of up to two years, which prompted her to file this lawsuit with the above requests.

She attached a document to her claim, photocopies of the commercial license, a copy of the real estate sale and purchase contract, a copy of the terms and conditions agreement for a city, and a copy of the property details.

In the reasons for its ruling, the court indicated that according to a real estate sale and purchase contract dated 2015, the defendant purchased the residential unit in the first project and a second housing unit in another residential project, and that the two units belong to the complainant company.

And she stated that what is proven from the papers and clarified in the report in the case is that the complainant is responsible for carrying out the operation, maintenance and repair of the common parts, which incurs service fees, and therefore the law granted her the right to claim the value of these fees, pointing out that the complainant issued a set of invoices, where she was The amounts owed by the defendant are 45.5 thousand dirhams for the first apartment and 16.5 thousand dirhams for the second apartment.

Accordingly, the court ruled obliging the defendant to pay the complainant the value of service fees and city fees.

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