A dinner sparks a crisis between Lewandowski and the Polish Federation

A Spanish report revealed that a crisis broke out between Polish Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski and the Football Association in his country over a dinner that all of his country’s national team players ate last year.

The Spanish newspaper “Sport” reported from Polish media that Lewandowski owed money to the Polish Football Association, after eating dinner in a restaurant belonging to the famous Turkish chef Nusret.

The newspaper said, “Tension is rising between the Polish Federation and Lewandowski,” explaining that the player invited his teammates to dinner after the Polish national team’s first match in the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar, which brought it together with its Mexican counterpart for the third group, and ended in a goalless draw, and at that time he was one of the winners. The Barcelona striker is supposed to bear the expenses of this invitation.

But instead, Lewandowski sent the dinner bill to the Polish Football Association, which angered officials.

These developments come 24 hours before the upcoming match of the Polish national team against its host from Albania, scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, for the sixth round of the fifth group matches for the European Cup qualifiers (Euro 2024).

In order to control the situation and put an end to the rumors spreading in the media, Tomasz Kozlowski, an official in the Polish Federation, said, “It was a private dinner for the players, and as far as I know, the team captain (Lewandowski) paid for it with his own money.”

Last Thursday, Lewandowski scored two goals for his country against his counterpart from the Faroe Islands, in the fifth round of the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

The Polish striker celebrated in a controversial way, as he put his hands on his face, then covered his eyes, ears and mouth, respectively.

According to the analysis of the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, Lewandowski wanted to respond through this celebration to the criticism that had recently befallen him due to his decline in performance with the Polish national team. It also interpreted the celebration as being linked to what is known as the “Three Monkeys”, or “Monkeys of Wisdom” inspired by Japanese culture. This is because “they do not see evil, nor do they hear of it, nor do they even say it.”

The newspaper highlighted Leyva’s statements in which he said that this celebration was a secret with his wife, Anna, and he declared, “It is a family secret, our secret.” “Today is Anna’s birthday, and she knows what I mean by that, and what I meant.”

Poland occupies third place in the Group E ranking table with 6 points, separated by two points from the Czech Republic at the top, and one point from Albania, which is in second place.

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