A digital gang and a ransomware attack… Was Fawry exposed to a cyber attack?

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Thursday 09 November 2023

Books – Alaa Hajjaj:

Fawry Company for electronic payment solutions and digital financial services confirmed in an official statement that it has secure defenses on all of its platforms and all of its electronic services, as it described it. At the same time, many of the company’s customers suffer from not accessing the website, as a message appears stating that there is a problem. On the server, customers are also unable to access their accounts on the company’s smartphone application.

While Fawry’s official statement did not deny that it had been subjected to a cyber attack, it merely emphasized the presence of strong and secure defense systems.

Text of Fawry’s statement:

“Fawry, the leading company in electronic payment solutions and digital financial services in Egypt, confirms the efficiency and security of its electronic defenses across all its platforms and all its services provided electronically, and that there is no truth to any rumors that some people have reported on some social media pages that it has been subjected to an attack or hacked into its information system.

“The company also immediately searched the company’s servers on the live broadcast, and based on the tests carried out by the company, it was found that the servers that serve customers and banks were not exposed to any hacks. The company also reports that no financial or banking data related to customers was leaked, as The company states that it applies the highest cybersecurity standards in accordance with the requirements of global regulatory authorities.

Cyber ​​attack

According to the Hackmanac website, which specializes in cybersecurity issues, it confirmed that a cyberattack had occurred on Fawry Company using ransomware by the LockBit 3.0 gang, which is one of 25 ransomware attacks that a number of companies and entities around the world were exposed to today.

The website said that the notorious ALPHV/BlackCat, Akira, Dunghill, NoEscape, BlackBasta, Play, 8Base, Cl0p, and LockBit 3.0 gangs were responsible for today’s attacks.

Hackmanac collects its data from the Dark Web, which is the virtual arena on which cybersecurity attack data is bought and sold.

The hackmanac website rated the level of attacks against Fawry as 5 out of 5, and thus it is considered a high-risk attack, as the rating starts from 1 to 5.

The gang behind the attack set November 28 as a deadline to obtain its ransom before publishing the data it obtained on the Dark Web, according to the website.

On the other hand, a source at Fawry Company confirmed that all data is fully encrypted and secured, and that the matter may be nothing more than an attempt to stop the servers from working.


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