A Czech club includes a player who has never played football. His father donated 20 thousand euros

A third-tier club in the Czech Republic signed a contract with a player who had never played football in his entire life, after his father donated a sum of money to the club.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the “Usti nad Labem” club signed the young man, Martin Budagski, 22 years old, after his father donated 500,000 kroner to the team. That is equivalent to 20 thousand euros.

Things did not stop there; Rather, the Czech club decided to appoint Budajski – a university student studying law – as team captain.

The deal was described as “the strangest transfer ever in the history of the game,” according to the British newspaper, especially since the club president admitted that Budagski is good at football, but much more so in FIFA electronic games than in reality.

Club president Premysl Kuban said, “In fact, he did not play football and only played video games, but I do not see 500,000 Czech crowns (20,000 euros) lying on the ground in front of me every day.”

He added, “If anyone gives me this money, I will allow him to join our team. Budajski himself said that he wanted to play, then he called his father and things started moving.” The deal was then officially documented in the records of the Football Association of the Czech Republic.

Kuban continued, “Budagsky has already become a player in our team, and our fans will see him in our first home match. It is planned that he will begin training with us in the fall, and when we play on our home field, he will participate with us.”

Budagski will be the third captain of Ústie Bad Labem, replacing Jacob Maris, a move that will shock the players, according to the Daily Mail.

According to local reports, the club’s fans seemed happy with the completion of this “strange” deal, which they believe is in the interest of both parties.

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