A court returns 147,000 dirhams to a woman who lent it to a young man and refused to repay it

A woman filed a lawsuit before the Abu Dhabi Court for Family, Civil and Administrative Claims, demanding that the decisive oath be taken, and that the defendant be required to pay fees and expenses.

She said: The young man “defended” borrowed 150,000 dirhams from her in 2019, and upon her request, he returned only 3,000 dirhams, which prompted her to file a lawsuit.


When examining the case before the case preparation office, via remote visual communication technology, the plaintiff’s attorney attended, but the defendant did not attend, and it was found that he was notified by a text message on the phone number, and the matter was likewise in the next session, and it was also found that he was legally declared, and the court decided to reserve the case for the ruling, which was issued by obligating him for an amount of 147 thousand dirhams, so he appealed to him.

The case was reconsidered, and the attorney for the complainant attended, as well as a lawyer for the defendant, and the defendant did not appear to take the complementary oath.


In the rationale for its ruling, the court said: The decisive oath is the one that the opponent directs to his opponent in any case of the case when he lacks evidence, and when his opponent denies what he claims. She pointed out that the complainant had requested that the decisive oath be directed to the conscience of the latter, and the court had responded to the request regarding directing the decisive oath, and he did not attend despite the admission of his lawyer, which is the address chosen with their knowledge and notification.

Accordingly, the court ordered the defendant to pay the complainant an amount of 147 thousand dirhams.

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