A circular from the “Education” regarding cases of transferring distance education … and “Urgent” sources reveal the details

“Urgent” sources revealed that a circular was issued by the Ministry of Education, regarding cases that require distance education.

The sources indicated that the cases to which this circular applies are divided into: “general cases for all students of the region or governorate, provided that the authority is for the director of education,” and “general cases for all students of the school, with the authority for the school principal.”

“Urgent” sources indicated that with regard to the first case, in which education is transferred from physical to remote, according to the powers granted to the Director of Education, they are as follows:

  • Problems that threaten the safety of the student, such as heavy rain, and the condition of the school building after the rain.

  • Problems that threaten students’ health, such as dangerous infectious diseases and epidemics classified by the Ministry of Health.

  • World events and school visits hosted by the Kingdom, which require road closures.

  • Temporarily closing the school building for a period of six academic weeks or less for development work related to the schools’ infrastructure, which constitutes an obstacle to student attendance or a threat to the safety of students in the school.

As for the second case, in which education is transferred from physical to remote, according to the powers granted to the school principal; They are as follows:

  • Temporary cases such as: emergency maintenance of facilities, power outages, or no water provision within the school for one day only.

  • Existence of a risk to the safety of students inside or on the way to school, such as: fire or collapse of part of the school building, or evacuation of the school building, due to contamination or leakage of hazardous materials, which require disinfection for one day only.

According to “urgent” sources, the circular of the Ministry of Education stressed the need to coordinate with the relevant official authorities (Ministry of Health, … etc.), before taking a decision related to these cases.

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