A 4K football course.. The Iraqi World Cup is a European-style tournament in Menoufia

The curtain falls this evening on the competitions of the 22nd edition of the Professional League Championship, which was hosted by the Iraqi village from August 1, with the participation of 32 teams at the Iraqi Youth Center Stadium affiliated with the Martyrs Center in Menoufia Governorate, with the final match between the Salamoun Qalbi and Dabarki teams.

The Iraqi village witnessed the inauguration of the largest football sports tournament with the participation of hundreds of young people from Menoufia Governorate.

The fans participating in the matches of the participating teams were also keen to spread out across the stadium and clap to support their teams and support them morally.

As the final scene of the 2023 Iraqi Championship approaches, everyone is anticipating that the champion, as well as the stars of the tournament, will be crowned with individual awards in recognition of their efforts during the competition.

Salamon Qalbi will play against Dabarki on the closing night and win the championship title in the coronation match.

The youth and people of Al-Iraqiya village, affiliated with the Martyrs Center in Menoufia, excelled in organizing the village stadium to look like an artistic painting in preparation for the final of the tournament between the two teams, Dabarki Salamoun Qebli.

Over the course of nearly a full month, the youth of the Iraqi village, at the village youth center’s stadium, organized the course that included the villages of the Menoufia governorates, for the youth to draw a wonderful scene and play a sweet symphony for the sake of rapprochement and brotherhood between the villages under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Imad Al-Sabbagh, his deputy, Hatem Ammar, and Faisal Ammar. Mahmoud Zallam, Reda Hagras, and Magdy Hagras, sponsored by businessman Montaser Ammar.

Social media pioneers in Menoufia Governorate circulated pictures of the tournament’s events, praising the organization of the tournament, and honoring veteran players such as Captain Hassan Salit, Mohamed Qayyala, Al-Sharqawi, Al-Tahwihy, Hamada Mabrouk, Al-Zanati Antar, and Al-Shahat Abdel-Wanis. The tournament also honored senior players from neighboring villages.

The simple village proved that organizing a football match is not difficult, and it also proved that organizing a football tournament is an easy matter that only needs to be organized and follow specific rules and laws, and it is not necessary to be an official in the Football Association or a member of the International Federation of Association Football. .

Through its own efforts, the village brought out the best of the Egyptians in football, as it demonstrated the distinguished administrative organization that mixed the old with the modern, so it hosted the players in front of them and used aerial photography to show the ingenuity of the organization.

The final match will include a large celebration attended by dozens of people from the village, neighboring villages, and fans of both teams.

The Board of Directors, led by Imad Al-Sabbagh, organized the tournament to befit the name of their village and Menoufia, in the presence of a large number of former athletes and village residents, amid great joy from the residents.

During the past weeks, the Iraqi Football Tournament, in Menoufia Governorate, became famous due to the large public attendance and the atmosphere of professional organization that the tournament witnessed, especially the matches that were documented by aerial photography.

Great happiness for the people of the village after the popular tournament, which received widespread resonance and spread in neighboring villages as well as on social networking sites.

The observers commented that the Board of Directors of the Youth Center is exemplary and exemplary, headed by the experienced educational and sports director, Imad Al-Sabbagh, and his active and sincere deputy, Captain Hatem Hassan, and the rest of the members, and the stars of Iraq, including the world-class Ortega, the golden generation, Captain Mahmoud Salit, and the unknown soldier, Captain Hamada Mabrouk, and Al-Qatta, Ghazal, Ashmawi, and Mitab. And Muhammad and the curlew are darkness and the rest are the diligent ones.

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