83% of companies in the UAE are ready to integrate AI into their operations

A study conducted by Coursera, one of the largest online education platforms in the world, in cooperation with the YouGov group specialized in market research and data analysis, showed that about 83% of UAE companies expressed their willingness to integrate generative artificial intelligence techniques into their operational processes.

While 82% of these companies have already started employing these technologies in their current services and offers, with 51% of them indicating that they use technologies extensively in their various tasks. The study included more than 500 business leaders and decision makers in the UAE with the aim of revealing perceptions of generative artificial intelligence and its impact on companies and the workforce.

Moreover, the study revealed that 85% of business leaders believe that generative AI will reshape their customer services or operational processes over the next three years, with 91% acknowledging that it is critical to their business growth.

The UAE National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031 affirms the UAE’s position as a global beacon for artificial intelligence, as it aims to attract talent to support future jobs, fund research and innovation centers, develop appropriate infrastructure and data systems, and establish a balanced legislative environment.

While business leaders in the UAE focused on the potential benefits of generative AI to improve their organisations, they also expressed several concerns that are among the most important risks of using AI in operational tasks, such as job loss (55%), data privacy and security (49%), and lack of transparency in decision-making (43%).

The study also showed that 50% of business leaders believe that generative AI will change the skills required in the labor market. It is worth noting that 87% of the participants emphasized the importance of having the necessary AI skills for new employees. Moreover, 2 out of 3 companies surveyed intend to use online education to improve the skills of their employees and address the AI ​​skills gap.


The artificial intelligence market in the Middle East is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, artificial intelligence is expected to contribute about 14% of the UAE’s GDP by 2030, and that the Middle East region will achieve 2% of the global benefits of artificial intelligence in 2030, equivalent to $320 billion.

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