7000 dirhams in compensation for a man who was insulted by his wife

Al Ain Court of First Instance ruled that a woman must pay 7,000 dirhams to her husband as compensation for insulting and insulting him.

In the details, a man filed a lawsuit against his wife, demanding that she pay him 51,000 dirhams in compensation for the damages he suffered, while obliging her to pay fees and expenses, indicating that she insulted him, and she was convicted under a criminal ruling, while the defendant wife submitted a memorandum, in which she adhered. That the plaintiff expelled her during a visit to his sleeping mother in the hospital, following a surgical operation that she performed, and she admitted that she directed that phrase (insult) to him as a matter of reproach, referring to the maliciousness of the prosecution, due to the existence of a judicial dispute between them before the Personal Status Court, and attached a copy of the divorce lawsuit list.

The Al Ain Court of First Instance stated in the merits of the ruling that it was clear from the papers that the defendant in the criminal case was convicted of insulting the plaintiff, and this ruling became final and conclusive, and the wrongful act subject to this ruling was the one the plaintiff relied on in his present case.

She pointed out that, according to the Civil Transactions Law, it is decided that the right to guarantee deals with moral damage, and it is considered as moral harm to infringe on others in their freedom, honor, reputation, social status, or financial consideration.

The court affirmed that it is proven from reviewing the criminal judgment that the defendant was convicted of the charge of insulting the plaintiff, and the plaintiff suffered moral damage represented in hurting and hurting his feelings, and affecting him and his reputation, and there was a causal relationship between the error and the damage, so the defendant is legally obligated to compensate the plaintiff for those damages, The court ruled obligating the defendant to pay the plaintiff 7,000 dirhams, while obliging her to pay fees and expenses.

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