7 fruits to fight dehydration in the summer

King Saud Medical City said that food plays a vital role that helps to pass the heat wave and contributes to avoiding the risk of dehydration, pointing to the need to choose fruits that contain high amounts of water and valuable nutrients.

Fruits to fight summer

Saud Medical added that summer fruits contain high amounts of water, including the following:

1- Watermelon.

2- pear.

3- Berries.

4- sunny.

5- Cherry.

6- Orange.

7- Mango.

Causes of dry skin

There are some causes that increase skin dryness, including the following:

1- Diabetes.

2- Kidney disease.

3 – Thyroid laziness, which is one of the most common causes.

4 – Being in a desert environment that causes drought.

Tips to avoid dehydration

The hospital also provided, through its Twitter account, the most important tips that must be followed to avoid dehydration through the following:

1- Natural juices (without adding sugar) help moisturize the body and provide it with important nutrients in hot weather.

2- Drink more fluids during exercise to replace fluids lost by the body.

3- You should make sure to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, so do not wait until you feel thirsty to drink.

4- Try to stay away from caffeine drinks on hot days, as caffeine is a diuretic, which may lead to dehydration if the lost water is not compensated.

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